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How to Create a Compelling Apple Mail Email Signature
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Do you know why? The button will only open the link which you added via the Add hyperlink option or a href tag. Can you clarify why you would want the image to open 2 links? Maybe I can figure out a solution for you.

What types of images are you using — embedded or located on a web server? Do you know what email client your recipient is replying from? Hello, would you have the solution for putting social network buttons into an email signature for Yosemite platform MAC mail? To access your signatures go to the Mail menu, then Preferences , and then click Signatures. When I tried to add them through the signatures panel as you suggest here, there was no clear way to attach the hyperlink to the. Is it possible to have the social media images on iPhone ios8? However any further emails created on the iphone only show empty boxes.

But when going into settings, signature, they still show. More in steps 1 and 7 of this article: Trying to add Social Media buttons to my Gmail signature, but not getting an option to add a hyperlink? Any help is much appreciated. Yes, it is possible to insert an image with a hyperlink in Outlook , however, this option is a bit hidden under the Advanced Edit option within Outlook settings. Open your Outlook. Go to the Tools tab and then Options. In the resulting window, go to the Mail Format tab and click the Signatures button under the Signatures section.

If you have already created a signature, please edit it by clicking the Edit button in the Create Signature window. If not, click the New button to create your signature from scratch. In the Microsoft Word editor, add the social media button you want to have in your signature. To do that, go to the Insert tab, and then the Picture option to select the image.

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Once the image has been inserted, click on it so that it is selected. Now, go to the Insert tab again and then choose the Hyperlink option. In the resulting window, provide the link to the website or another online source and click OK. Then, save changes and close the editor.

How to add social media buttons to email signature

Now, the social media icon should be clickable. I am trying to use multiple images and link every image with different url. But when I am doing so the image size is varying and every image is of different size. Please suggest. Its is very urgent please reply asap.

Are you using images of the same size on input i. If not, then try doing so. And if you are, then I will need more info about your email client and details on how your are adding the images to the signture. I have a question. When i use my signature in a direct response to an e-mail, there is just de core text, all the logos and the buttons with hyperlinks have disappeared.

It depends whether you use linked or embedded images. More in this article. Any suggestions?

How to Create a Gmail Signature with Images, Social Icons & Logo Tutorial.

Any help would be greatly appreciate. Hi Amy, Is there a chance that the problem is present in specific scenarios only e. Hi Pawel, I have the same question as Amy. In my case, yes the reply where the social media icons appear as attachments is when our remote sales team is sending emails from their mobile devices.

Additionally, when their emails from their desktop computers are being forwarded from mobile devices, the signature images appear as attachments. Any ideas on how to fix the issue? It has been reported that it can be fixed by adding rich text formatting e.

How to add social media buttons to your email signature

Hi, can we add hyper link to Mozilla thunderbird client. Link to your site 4. Social Media images and links. From here, type the information you want in your signature. Placing a few dashes above your signature will help to delineate it from the rest of your email. With the main information typed, drag and drop the image files for each social media service you want to add to the bottom of your signature.

The most commonly used are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn but you can certainly add others including your Blog. You can search for social media icons using Google image search or just right-click and save the icons provided below.

From here, highlight your email address and website URL and add clickable hyperlinks to each. To do this, highlight the email address, right-click and select Link , then Add link. For the email address, simply enter mailto: Follow the same steps for any other text links you would like to add. For images, click on the image, and then click the Edit menu, then Add link. For your social media accounts, enter the URL for each of your profiles.

Highlight your name and click the Format menu, then Show Fonts. Below is a signature example using bold Helvetica font with a light blue color for the name, and dark gray, standard Helvetica for the rest of the signature. Obviously you can choose whatever you want, but make sure whatever you choose is clean and not too distracting. Stick with one font and one extra color. The more minimal it is, the better. If you want this to be the default signature for a specific account, choose the account from the left menu before adding the new signature.

Otherwise, it will be a signature you can choose for any account when composing a new message.

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Enter a name for the signature and paste your new signature into the box. Once this is done, click the close button. Now, whenever you create a new email, you have the option to use this new signature.

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