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The Best Alternatives to Apple's Mac and MacBook

To accommodate its new design, the Mac Pro has increased in footprint, growing from an pound canister to a pound tower. Measuring How do some of the familiar faces in the world of high-powered gaming PCs stack up? Well, the Mac Pro weighs more than double the pound Origin Neuron , which comes in a more compact body. The boxy Aventum X, for comparison, starts at 75 pounds and comes measuring Similarly, at the high-end, Intel lists a comparable core 2.

On the iMac, we found p gaming performance to be mediocre, and creatives will likely want to make the jump to better Vega II graphics. In the base model, your typical gaming PC has the Mac Pro beat. With 1. As an insightful reader pointed out, it can be configured with up to 6TB. Even though storage options are limited on the Mac Pro, you should be able to quickly swap in a larger drive or augment your existing storage with a Thunderbolt 3 drive.

The custom Afterburner card makes it faster to edit and render video, eight PCIe slots make for a serious amount of expandability, and by shipping the Mac Pro with up to 1. The Mac Pro has increased in footprint, growing from an pound canister to a pound tower.

The Best Windows Mini PCs for |

Mini PCs are the smallest desktop PCs available today. Despite their size, they work just like their full-sized counterparts, with the same ports, functionality and software compatibility. However, mini PCs don't have room for high performance components, so are better suited to everyday computing tasks such as typing essays and browsing the web.

Gaming PCs all have powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards which allow them to handle the demands of the latest and most demanding games. All of our gaming PCs will run any game currently on sale today, although the more powerful PCs deliver better visuals and higher frame-rates for a more immersive experience. The processor is the brain of your PC.

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Whenever you click, move your mouse or a program does something, the processor makes it happen. Any software you buy comes with a minimum set of requirements that the processor must meet or exceed. On our product pages we give you all the information you need to check whether a laptop has a suitable processor. Every PC we sell has at least a dual-core processor. This allows it to process more threads of information at once, so you can move quickly between different software windows and have more apps and tabs running simultaneously.

Quad-core processors are great for demanding software, such as photo editing and music production, as all modern creative programs are optimised to run at their best on several cores. This is measured in GHz, and determines how fast the processor runs. A higher clock speed means your software will load faster and run more smoothly. This allows the processor to consume less power and give out less heat when it doesn't need to run at maximum output. Before tasks are managed by the processor, they queue up in the memory cache. A bigger memory cache allows the processor to work through demanding tasks quickly.

You only really need to worry about this if you plan on running professional-level creative software like Cubase or Photoshop - if you do, look for 4 MB and over. If you're looking for an everyday PC for browsing the web and typing essays, there isn't really much difference between the two brands.

Instead, make sure your PC has the features, hard drive capacity and design to suit the way you work. If you're more focussed on performance, here are the pros and cons of both brands:. These processors feature Hyper-Threading technology, which allows them to double the amount of threads they can handle. For example, a quad-core processor with Hyper-Threading can give the performance of an octa-core processor - perfect for running complicated software or the latest PC games.

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An APU combines a processor and graphics card in one chip, so you can enjoy great-quality visuals without the need for a dedicated graphics card. If you do decide to add a dedicated graphics card, the graphics within the processor works with AMD graphics card for an even better visual performance. Random-access memory RAM is an important spec to consider if you're looking for a high-performance PC.

Memory RAM has nothing to do with the amount of documents you can save - this is what the storage is for. When you do anything on your desktop, a request for the process is stored in the RAM, where the processor picks it up and makes it happen. Normally this happens instantly, but if you've ever had a computer stutter or delay before something happens, chances are there wasn't enough memory.

More RAM allows the processor to take on more at once, which is vital if you use demanding software or have a lot of different windows open. Researching and writing essays Creating spreadsheets Working on presentations and other office work. Graphic design Editing photos - professional Editing videos - professional Music production - professional Graphic design - professional CAD design. PC storage is the place where all of your documents, photos, music, software and apps go when you save them. There are three different types of storage available on desktop PCs; each with their own benefits.

A hard disc drive is the most common type of desktop PC storage. Unlike HDDs, solid-state drives have no moving parts.

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While they have lower capacities than other storage drives, they work much faster, making them ideal for running demanding software or the latest games. On desktop PCs, they usually feature alongside HDDs, so you can install your most used games and software on the SSD for maximum performance without overall sacrificing storage capacity. They work by remembering your most accessed information and storing it in a solid-state memory cache so that it can be accessed quickly.

This gives you faster loading, saving and booting, so you can enjoy more responsive computing throughout all your daily activities. Smaller screened all-in-ones are great space-savers and allow you to have the full functionality of a desktop PC without sacrificing the space needed for a tower. Larger screened all-in-ones are great for watching films, editing media and working on several programs at once. Any screen resolution is fine for everyday family computing, but if you expect to watch a lot of films, play games or edit photos, Full HD gives you much more detailed visuals for seriously immersive entertainment.

Touchscreen control gives you a whole new way to use your PC: simply tap, swipe and pinch the screen to intuitively navigate your content and documents. From flipping through business documents to playing family games, touchscreen control makes computing fast, fun and productive. While desktops are the functional choice for computing, there's no reason they can't look good too. Mini PCs are the most design-focussed desktop computers. They've been designed to look just as at home next to the TV as they do on a desk, so if you want a discrete yet stylish way to access your documents and online content, a mini PC is a great choice.

All-in-ones suit even the most style-conscious PC users. They don't clutter your desk up with cables and the slim bezels on the latest designs give a clean, modern look that fits into any home or workspace. Apple's all-in-one PC, the iMac, is renowned for its minimalist and distinctive design.

If you want your PC to really stand out, gaming PCs have space inside for you to customise them the way you like.


What is the point of mini PCs?

Gaming PCs feature distinctive cases, with many giving you the option to add LEDs and other visual accessories for a truly personalised look. A dedicated graphics card is a processor with the specific role of handling graphics, visuals and videos. They are available in varying specifications and range from those designed to give you improved multimedia playback to high-performance cards made to run the latest games at their absolute best. If you plan on gaming, editing videos or creating visual media, a dedicated graphics card is a vital.

From antivirus and Microsoft Office to photo editing and education, we have all the software you need to get the best from your new PC. Our peripherals range has everything you need to make computing easier and more comfortable, from ergonomic keyboards and wireless mice to headsets and stands. Whether you need large-capacity storage for backing up software or simply need a USB stick for carrying documents to university, we have the latest storage technology to keep your data safe and secure.

If you're heading to university or want physical copies of your favourite photos, a home printer makes creating documents simple. Look out for all-in-one printers, which feature also feature a scanner and copier for maximum convenience. If you're into gaming, we have a huge range of accessories to help you play at your best. From headsets to mechanical keyboards, we have everything you need. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a type of wireless connection that syncs two compatible devices together, such as a tablet and a set of Bluetooth speakers.

It is much smaller than HDMI, so is used on ultra-thin laptops, tablets and gaming PCs that support multiple monitors. It is a common way to connect desktop PCs and monitors. It transmits Full HD video without audio.