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  1. Compiling a custom Vim from source on OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  2. Compiling Vim for Linux/Mac with ruby and python support

Passing a simple flag to brew install will instruct homebrew to setup the necessary symlinks to replace the system console Vim with the version provided by MacVim. Homebrew does not include a formula for Vim in its official repository as that would be counter to its occasionally broken [rule] https: There's a [formula] https: The Homebrew maintainers have decided to break their rule against system duplicates in this case. The Vim formula can now be found in the main repository.

The instructions below have been updated and this is now the simplest way to update console Vim, but I still like having MacVim as well. So, when compiling Vim on macOS, what features should I include or leave out that aren't already included or left out by default , and are there any other custom configuration options I should set? It offers the feature variants tiny , small , big , and huge.

Compiling a custom Vim from source on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

You can add specifically the interfaces for ruby , perl , lua , python. For all variants see https: However, you can add this functionality to the homebrew formula as well https: Others might appreciate it.

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On the other hand as it has been mentioned: Also you can notice later on that you miss something. You will not run into this situation for the current build and therefore works for everyone.

Compiling Vim for Linux/Mac with ruby and python support

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How to install the latest version of Vim on macOS? Ask Question. AFAIK, the reason people dont share compiled features is because vim is small comparatively even with all its features enabled.