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Move to the Optional settings box and choose the customization settings as you like. Different software can really be helpful if you want to export powerpoint to video on Mac. These software will help in protecting your presentation.

Before we learn the tools work on PPT to video, we'd like to recommend the best video converter for Mac first. Wondershare UniConverter originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate , which helps to convert videos and audio files in any format. You can customize your PowerPoint to video playing with recording a screen , and then convert the recorded video to any format you want.

With this software, you can not only convert media files easily, but also downloading videos from websites by pasting URLs directly, and more additional tools related to videos. It also gives room for further varieties of video file types to choose from. The files are friendly with most portable devices including Mac. RZ soft is unrestricted software for PowerPoint conversion. It supports virtually all the versions of PowerPoint and its formats.

The conversion is very easy and fast. The software allows videos to be shared on blogs and social media. The video settings can actually be changed to the users taste from the quality, to frame rate and video bit rate. The ImToo exporter enhances the ability to export your PowerPoint files to video format without having to install or download the PowerPoint on your computer.

The software also allows its users to add watermarks and music to the PowerPoint file before actually exporting it. With this awesome software, you can export two or more files with just one click. It is specially designed for your Mac, making it fit the screen. It allows its users to customize its parameters like the bit rate, frame rate, resolution, quality etc. This software has amazing features that will convert your PowerPoint slideshow to varieties of formats and also keep its original effects without altering anything.

It is compatible with most tablets, computers and even mobile phones. It has a multilingual feature which supports up to 8 languages, educational facility to encourage e-learning lessons to video formats especially to tutors. The ETinySoft converter claims to have all in one PowerPoint converter to be able to export files to all common video formats. The site provides a lot of video tutorials to help beginners get started. Its conversion speed is ultra-fast.

The Media File Conundrum

You can also set the entire project to 2 seconds and change your title screen time. This helps when you have 50 or 60 slides. If you placed all your files in one folder you can now drag and drop your music and sound files in. A little light green box much like the title text boxes will show up under the slides you add your music to. Don't worry if you put it in the wrong place, you can grab it and move it around anywhere you want just like the individual slides.

You can also grab the end and extend or chop the audio clip as well. Alternatively if you already have music or sound bytes in your iTunes you can open those in the "Music and Sound Effects" box in the bottom right corner. After placing the sound byte or song you can clip it to only play a certain portion or part of the song by grabbing the end and lining the red line up with where you want it to start or end.

It's a Wrap! Finish your project and tweak everything. Once complete iMovie lets you upload directly to a web site of your choice or export it using Quicktime. You are now done! Good job. Thanks for reading and below is a link to my finished video. HERE you go! Try picovico to make picture slideshow effectively. Any advice on how to adjust that? Reply 11 years ago on Introduction.

Yeah, I can't believe it either. The video was featured first. I didn't have the instructable done at that time. I was still learning and getting everything correct.

How to Record Your Screen on Mac! (Screen Capture Mac Tutorial)

I took a lot of pictures to try to explain everything well. If you want to make actual movies on your mac and you own iLife '08, then you can download iMove HD '06 which is better. Thanks for the info. I'll get into it more this summer for sure though.

Best Presentation Software

Thanks for checking out my 'ible. Check out iMovie HD '06 for stop motions. What do you use to make stop motions? Yeah the quickest picture frame in iMovie is. Yeah after this project I might look into that as well. I will be moving and I'm not able to take a lot of my tools with me so my hobbies are going to change a bit. Stop motion animation has always looked cool and is something I'd like to play with as well. Hahaha very nice, where can i actually see it??

Yeah that sucks I think Apple made a lot of effort upgrading the iLife programs for 08 to actually be more user friendly. I love it! I was interested in how you made that awesome video! Awesome job, and thanks for making it into an instructable!

Tutorial: Save your PowerPoint as a Video | Present Better

It took longer than I though to post but I'm glad you like it. It is really easy to use iMovie. Choosing some words and quotes that mean something to the audience can bring an extra emotional dimension to your slideshow. You can insert the text and adjust typography settings simply by double clicking on the slide from the Project timeline. Then you can write your text directly in the Viewer pane when the Title T button is selected. Click on the Info i button to adjust the duration of your slide.

Most of the time, I like using graphics and photos with some catchy and relevant text rather than basic title slides.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Transitions are one of the main features that will help you create a professional-looking slideshow. On the top menu of the Browser pane, click on Transitions to preview the available transition options and select only one or two. If you want to create a simple, elegant, and professional-looking slideshow, the following transitions will be your friend: Cross dissolve , Cross blur , Fade to black , and Fade to white.

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Once you decide on a transition, you can easily drag and drop it between any two clips in your project timeline. To watch how your transitions look, click on any photo or video on your timeline and push the space bar on your keyboard to view your slideshow playing in the Viewer. If you double click on the two white arrows between clips, you will see which transition you are using there. You can also adjust its duration, and apply it to the entire slideshow. For this tutorial, I selected two instrumental pieces by audionautix. First, I downloaded the music files and then I transferred them into my iTunes account.

Thank you audionautix. You can use sound effects, or import music from iTunes or GarageBand! To be able to handle this in a practical and quick way, play your slideshow background music and identify the intervals of strong beats — basically where you would want to have your transitions. As you are listening to the background music, you can put markers on the photo and video slides by simply tapping on M on your keyboard. In some songs, the audio waveform in green clearly gives you clues.

In my case, the best duration for slides looked like 2,5 minutes each with a one-minute transition in between them. Use the waveform to look for a natural downbeat to help sync your slideshow manually! Once you have estimated the best duration, click Edit from the iMovie top menu and select all the clips in the project timeline.

I suggest you do this for your photo slides first and then adjust video slides separately. After you have adjusted the duration for all slides, play your slideshow to see if there are any sync problems, and adjust the duration of a few slides manually if necessary. Fine tune your slideshow by adjusting the photo and video slides separately! You need to make a decision here: is there any added value of having your audio together with the music?

Then you can click on the detached audio and delete it.

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Rework the music selection around any audio clips in the slideshow! You can also consider fading music in and out to make it a smoother transition. If you want to keep both your audio and music, but just want to adjust their volumes, select your video clip and click on Information i in the Viewer pane. Here you can adjust the volume of your audio and background music to achieve the best balance.

In my above video clip, I wanted to keep the sound of birds singing in the forest along with the background music. You can adjust the volume for every sound clip! Replay your slideshow a few times to review it and complete any fine tuning. You can even share it by email, although that might be a less attractive option. If you have an iCloud account, you can add your slideshow to iMovie Theater , and it will automatically appear on all your other devices, so you can easily watch your movies on your other computers, your iOS devices, and your Apple TV. You can read more about video formats and resolutions in my blog post on best practices for organizing and managing your video collection.

For screening your slideshows, the best quality and compression combination with relatively compact file will be with the above selected options. You can select different options and see how it affects the size of the file in MB. Take your pick! We hope this tutorial will help you to create lovely slideshows in iMovie. Featured Photo Courtesy of Selin Tagmat. Subscribe to get our latest content by email. You will also get occasional notifications about new sales and promotions.

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