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About reviewer 6 reviews. That's something our asian, south asian, and african sisters have fallen for, and it is following us in our countries of residence. What happened to MAC's all races, all sexes motto? About reviewer 41 reviews.

I was given a sample of this, when I bought the Lightful foundation 2-way powder , softening lotion toner , and essence serum. All these are great products. I normally don't really like MAC skincare, ie. But this Lightful line is great and has helped to greatly improve my skin tone and clear up my skin. Don't know if … Read more.

About reviewer 99 reviews. MAC's Lightful collection seems to be an Asia-exclusive. Write Review. Fair Skin Type Very Oily Hair Type Other Eye Color Favorite Flag. Did you? Yes No. Is this review helpful? Previous 1 Next. Most Viewed Sunscreen Products. See more. Top Rated Sunscreen.

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It has no place in skincare. Take a look at the ingredients on some of your favourite products skincare AND makeup and I bet you find alcohol. Read more about alcohol in skincare. Lindsay told me she loves using natural products to keep her face hydrated. Which is where my third piece of advice comes in.

In short, lavender can be toxic to skin cells. What IS good for your skin are non-fragrant plant oils such as grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, apricot, avocado, sweet almond and argan. Honestly, the Marc Jacobs primer felt the best. But so expensive. My foundation glides on so smoothly. I dunno. I have no scarring or hyper-pigmentation to conceal. The idea of finding a moisturizing foundation seemed like an impossibility. After loads of online research I decided to buy BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream which was described by a lot of people as being closer to a tinted moisturizer than a foundation but with light to medium coverage.

I usually buy fragrance free products. Using sponges, I applied BareMinerals to one side of my face and the CoverGirl stuff to the other after cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen, as is the case with all the products below. The CoverGirl side was easily the smoother, better looking of the two.

BareMinerals bunched up and looked really obvious. Laura Mercier offers three versions of this stuff: one for normal skin, an oil-free formula and an illuminating formula for dry skin. Sephora was out of the illuminating version so I opted for the normal one in the shade Cameo which, it turned out, was too light for me. It felt drying on my face and clung to flaky patches.

The marketing claims for this product are full of bullshit. Not even a bit. During another Sephora visit I compared it to the illumination version which is supposedly designed for dry skin. Again, I returned it. NARS tinted moisturizer is another cult favourite apparently. It was definitely the best of the three I tried. It was okay. Like the others, it still felt a bit drying and not at all moisturizing.

To give my face a bit of moisture. It offers very sheer coverage. It stops my face feeling tight and wrinkly but it still lets my real skin show through. Note: regular readers will know I do extensive research before I buy something. I watch a ton of YouTube video reviews, read blog reviews, Beautypedia reviews and opinions on MakeupAlley. She shares my same philosophies about skincare AND she has super dry skin. I love her. Watch the video to find out more.

The argan oil is lovely. I regularly use jojoba oil and argan feels smoother. Both are excellent for dry skin. Note: the gift set I have also came with an argan oil hair treatment which I gave to my husband and an apricot vanilla scented body butter which seems okay. I love it. It feels great under my foundation. The full size is on my shopping list next pay day. Alcohol is literally the third or so item listed. Not one of the acceptable types used in skincare but straight alcohol. I stopped using this immediately and tried to find the receipt.

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Best serums for all skin concerns 12222

No luck. Thanks but no thanks. Regular readers know how obsessed I am lately with foundation. I read a bunch of reviews online and lots of folks with dry, older skin seemed to really like it.

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Overplucked as a teenager and never recovered, they have a life of their own. But I needed something darker. I bought and returned two MAC brow pencils. Why does every cosmetics company think people with brown hair want auburn eyebrows?

16 Best Possible Dupes: MAC images in | Beauty makeover, Beauty makeup, Gorgeous Makeup

Every pencil I tried was far too warm. Kind of grey, kind of black, kind of brown. Terrible name, great product. I read a lot of reviews from Canadians who say this saved their skin during winter.

MAC Fix+ vs Mineralize Charged Water vs Lightful Softening Lotion

I live in Winnipeg and no matter what I put on my face it still feels tight. My skin must be doomed. Almost overnight, the skin on the sides of nose and immediate cheeks became very dry and wrinkled. It looked parched and thin. Nothing I put on it seemed to make a difference. So I resigned myself to the fact that at 41 my skin was just getting old.

This made me very depressed. My face looked shriveled. Like your fingers do when you spend too much time in the bath or shower. I spent some time researching this but found little to help me.