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MAC Tinted Lipglass at John Lewis & Partners

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Product Details. Brand Mac. If you want a natural look to go to school, just put some color on your lips by apply a layer of Domestic Diva then you are ready to go out. Anyway, you definitely can wear it at home, while cooking, cleaning, doing exercise, chilling or whatever, even while sleeping, as long as you want. You have the right. Because you are the Domestic Diva! In general, Domestic Diva works well on almost all skin tone , from fair, medium to dark skinned people. It also last amazingly long compared to some other kinds of lip gloss , about five hours.

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Mac Tinted Lipglass Lip Gloss Candy Yum Yum 4.8g

Yes, five hours! If you are a pinkaholic, Domestic Diva might be your new best friend. In the tube, Girl On Board just looks like a basic nude light shade which is quite pale. But if you look closely, you see a shimmery sheen inside. And when applying it on lips, it is kind of light cream nude, yet also silver white with pearly shimmer.

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Normally, Girl on Board looks like white clear shade on lips, but it becomes silver pearly white when the light hits on. Well, it depends on the light so that your lips will, like ever-changing. It is clear; then it becomes silver shimmery shade. It is gone; then appears again.

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They are well pigmented, and lasts all day. I can't get enough of them. About reviewer 7 reviews. I don't like these for several reasons: - they irritate my lips; - they are sticky; - they do not last long on me; - the consistency, the shimmer in some shades and the color pay off in others aren't for me.

MAC Tinted Lipglass

About reviewer reviews. I used to wear these quite a bit. I loved the colors, the limited editions, the long lasting wear. I had different ones, C-thru, a few transluscents, some viva glams. But I got tired of the stickiness, the lipfeel and the thick formula.

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However, that's subjective and obviously doesn't diminish the widespread appeal of lip glass. If I recall correctly, the lusterglass version, with a … Read more. I have about 30 of these including the to-go small miniature versions.

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What can I say, I'm addicted! Sticky glosses are long lasting glosses!

Instantly moisturizes lips. I'm not a huge MAC fan.

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The blushes and eyeshadows I've tried have sucked in quality. The lipglasses however, are worth the money to me for the formula. I have found all of them to be very hydrating, even the ones with shimmer. Usually I stay far away from formulas with shimmer because they dry my lips out, but these keep my lips very supple.